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The Present State of Australia - Robert Dawson
London 1830; 488pp, 214mm x 140mm 

Dawson was the first European to spend any length of time in the land and company of the aborigines of New South Wales. His highly readable and often hilarious account of his three years amongst these natives was written to give a true picture of this new country to potential immigrants who were often under the mistaken impression that aborigines were mere savages. 45 Order

History of Australian Discovery
Sydney 1865; 128pp; 4 plates, 186mm x 120mm

The publishers Hanson & Bennett in Sydney issued a series of five books, which are now extremely rare, on the development of Australia. This first volume covers the period from the earliest times to the foundation of the colony of New South Wales. 28 Order

Voyage Autour du Monde par les Mers de L'Inde et de Chine - Cyrille Pierre Theodore Laplace
Tome 1; Paris 1833; 602pp + 1 pull-out chart, 214mm x 140mm

There was much international rivalry in the Pacific at the start of the nineteenth century and it is no surprise that the purpose of Laplace's voyage of circumnavigation in 1829-32 was political: to renew relations with the French missions established in Cochin China and to fight British Expansion in the islands of Oceania. 40 Order

Voyage Autour du Monde... sur la Corvette La Coquille - Rene Primevere Lesson
Tome 1; Paris 1838; 518pp, 20 plates,1 pull-out chart, 214mm x 140mm
Lesson was the assistant surgeon on this voyage but his main claim to fame was as a naturalist: the colour plates in this volume demonstrate this interest. Our facsimile is of the Paris de luxe edition and covers the Falklands, South America and the South Sea Islands. 40 Order

Journal de la Navigation autour du Globe de la Fregate Thetis et de la Corvette l'Esperance - Hyacinthe de Bougainville
Paris 1837; 72pp + 1 pull-out chart 500mm x 325mm (folio)

This is one of the most spectacular folios in our collection. It contains 34 monochrome plates of views of Australia, Brazil and Cochin China amongst others, 12 superb natural history colour plates and 10 large charts. This voyage preceded Laplace by five years though the account was published later. 135 Order

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