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The Exploration of the Sixth Continent

The Antarctic wastes have long held a fascination for man. This sixth continent was the last to be explored and its exploration and demystification formed the stuff of legend. The tragic story of Robert Falcon Scott and the British National Antarctic Expedition of 1910-12 is known throughout the world. The Erskine Press has published a series of books dealing with the HEROIC AGE OF ANTARCTIC EXPLORATION. Some of these books are now out of print but the following are still available and fall into three main categories - Diaries, Facsimiles and Translations.

All the books are copiously illustrated with photographs, line drawings and maps. They are all hardback and cloth bound. The Diaries have pictorial jackets in two colours and are blocked in gold on the spines. The Translations and Facsimiles are cased in accurate reproductions of the originals and blocked in gold, silver or white on front and spine accordingly. 

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Mertz & I …
The Antarctic Diary of Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis
Edited by Allan Mornement & Beau Riffenburgh
Hardback, jacketed, 456pp +8pp colour & 16pp b&w plates. Over 110 drawings, illustrations and maps. £35.00  REDUCED TO £25.00

The Shackleton Letters - Behind the Scenes of the Nimrod Expedition
Regina W Daly
368pp, 235 x 165mm. Over 40 photographs and illustrations; pull-out map of Explorations and Surveys of the Expedition (440 x 430mm). Hard-back, jacketed, blocked on spine. Limited edition of 450 copies individually numbered and signed by the author £27.50 REDUCED TO £17.50

8 men in a crate - The Ordeal of the Advance Party of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955–1957
Anthea Arnold, Based on the diaries of Rainer Goldsmith

144pp 16pp colour pictures, 50 photographs, paperback £12.75   REDUCED TO £10.00

In the Teeth of the Wind – South through the Pole

Alain Hubert & Dixie Dansercoer

224pp, hardback, jacketed, over 90 full colour pictures. £24.95 REDUCED TO £10.00

Elephant Island and Beyond – The Life and Diaries of Thomas Orde Lees
John Thomson

304pp, hardback, jacketed, illustrated £24.95 REDUCED TO £15.00

The Wicked Mate - The Antarctic Diary of Victor Campbell 
Edited by H.G.R. King

192pp, hardback, jacketed, 75 photographs and drawings £24.95 REDUCED TO £15.00

Trial by Ice - The Antarctic Journals of John King Davis - edited by Louise Crossley

248pp, 248 x 190mm, hardback, jacketed, illustrated £29.95 REDUCED TO £15.00

In the Arctic - Tales Told at Tea Time
Frank Debenham
Edited by Barbara Debenham

144pp, hardback, blocked on front and spine; over 30 photographs and illustrations £15.00  REDUCED TO £10.00

In the Antarctic - Stories of Scott’s Last Expedition
Frank Debenham
With illustrations by Edward Wilson and the author

152pp, hardback, with printed end-papers and blocked on front and spine; over 60 illustrations £15.00  REDUCED TO £10.00


The South Polar Trail
The Log of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
Ernest Mills Joyce. With an introduction by Hugh Robert Mill and a new introduction by Beau Riffenburgh

This is a limited edition facsimile of 300 individually numbered copies of the 1929 original, including the jacket. 

Hardback, jacketed, 220pp + 32 plates.60 illustrations. Price £30.00

The story of the Quest
Comdr. Frank Wild, CBE

There a six photographs, a page on the Quest’s trip and a page on Commander Frank Wild, CBE. The brochure is protected by a clear pocket and posted unfolded in a strong flat cardboard envelope.

The brochure is 255x190mm - 10" x 71/2" £4.00

Leaves from a diary kept on board an exploring vessel

C. Reginald Ford

Presented in a black gift box it also contains a facsimile of a 4pp 1905 brochure (295 x 210mm) detailing the author’s lectures in Australia and a 12pp pamphlet of biographical details, newspaper articles and pictures. Two Antarctic postcards are also included. The print run is limited to 400 copies. This is a very unusual piece of Antarctic history. £35.00  REDUCED TO £25.00

Antarctic days. Sketches of the homely side of Polar life by two of Shackleton’s men. Illustrated by the authors, James Murray and George Marston, and introduced by Sir Ernest Shackleton.

304pp, 4 colour plates, 30 photographic illustrations and 24 further illustrations. Hardback and jacketed. 
Price: £75.00 plus post.  REDUCED TO £50.00

The Ross Sea Shore Party 1914-17 - R. W. Richards

60pp, 240 x 165mm, hardback, jacketed, 2 photographs, 1 map £14.95  REDUCED TO £10.00

With the Aurora in the Antarctic 1911–1914 - John K Davis. With a new introduction by Beau Riffenburgh

312pp + 1 fold-out map (includes 83 illustrations) hardback, blocked in gold on front and spine. £37.50 REDUCED TO £17.50 

8 postcards featuring ships of the Antarctic £5.50


South Georgia – Gateway to Antarctica
Ludwig Kohl-Larsen – Translated by William Barr

304pp, hardback, jacketed, 40 photographs and maps £24.95  REDUCED TO £15.00

Voyage of the Belgica - Fifteen Months in the Antarctic
Adrien de Gerlache - Translated and with an introduction by Maurice Raraty

256pp, 245 x 160mm, hardback, illustrated £37.50   REDUCED TO £20.00

Towards the South Pole aboard the Français
The First French Expedition to the Antarctic, 1903-1905
J-B. Charcot

304pp, 253 x 174mm, hardback, cloth bound and blocked in two colours overall. Over 200 halftones, maps and drawings. £45.00  REDUCED TO £30.00


Douglas Mawson and the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14

Beau Riffenburgh

536pp, hardback, jacketed, over 70 photographs, 11 maps and drawings, 1 pull out-map: £37.50 REDUCED TO £27.50

A Critical response to FLAWS IN THE ICE

Karyn Maguire Bradford

96pp, softback, illustrated; £14.00 REDUCED TO £10.00

The Third Reich in Antarctica. The German Antarctic Expedition 1938-39.
Cornelia Lüdecke and Colin Summerhayes

272pp +16pp colour and b&w plates. Hardback, jacketed, over 90 photographs, illustrations and maps. £27.50  REDUCED TO £22.00

The Japanese South Polar Expedition
1910 –12 — A Record of Antarctica
Compiled and edited by The Shirase Antarctic Expedition Supporter’s Association
Translated and edited by Lara Dagnall and Hilary Shibata

416pp, + 8pp colour, hardback, blocked on front and spine, 100 photographs and illustrations. £35.00  REDUCED TO £25.00

The Nimrod Murders
Simon Beaufort 

376pp Hardback, jacketed, signed by the author. Softback £9.95  REDUCED TO £6.00, Hardback £16.95  REDUCED TO £10.00

Ice Tracks – Today’s Heroic Age of Polar Adventure
Angie Butler REDUCED TO £7.50

Climbing the Pole - Edmund Hillary and the Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-57 - John Thomson; 168pp, softback, over 35 photographs and maps. £15.00 REDUCED TO £10.00

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