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SOUTHWARD ON THE QUEST The Scala Cinema Portfolio
An unusual collection of Shackleton and Quest ‘ephemera’

When Southward on the Quest, the film of the expedition, was released, the Scala Cinema in London issued, to go with the film, “A fine series of Souvenir Pictures of the Shackleton Antarctic Expedition’ which could be had of the attendants. Price 2/6.”

This was a folio of 8 photographs taken during the expedition, bound in a brown paper cover and tied with a cord. Originals are rather rare. One was sold recently for around £2,500.

This facsimile is limited to 275 copies. It has 8 photographic plates, the covers are thick brown board, and with it is the following:

1. A 16pp facsimile of the New Scala Cinema brochure for the film. It contains “The Story of the “Quest” by Commander Frank Wild, CBE, and other details of the expedition, crew etc;

2. A four page facsimile flyer advertising a talk by Frank Wild to be held in Eastbourne in December, 1923

3. Twelve images of the Quest expedition in the form of postcards;

4. An 8pp brochure certifying the copy number, with various pictures, film review, and maps.

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WITH SHACKLETON and MAWSON. The Antarctic Diaries of Frank Wild.

Frank Wild is a name well known to anyone interested in the history of Polar exploration. He was one of only two men — along with Ernest Joyce— to earn the Polar Medal with four clasps. He was also the only man to serve in the Antarctic under the British Empire’s three greats—Scott, Shackleton and Mawson.

This book, however, is not a biography, but rather a chance to view Wild’s role and accomplishments from his own writings — his diary kept during the Southern Journey of Shackleton’s BAE, his sledging diary from Mawson’s expedition, and his report to Mawson about the operations of the AAE’s Western Base, which he commanded in 1912—13. These have been quoted in other works, but they have never been published before in their entirety.

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Ships of the Antarctic calendar 2023


This is our 7th Antarctic calendar. 12 A4 pages, each with a different Antarctic scene from the golden age of Antarctic exploration.

Size is 305 x 214mm, on thick glossy paper. A real treasure - and a perfect stocking filler for Christmas (which is nearer than you realise).

Calendar is in a large white envelope and posted in a strong cardboard envelope.

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Price: £12.00

IN THE LAND OF THE PENGUINS – An account of the Voyage of the Belgica – Georges Lecointe

Over 120 years ago a Belgian expedition set sail for the Antarctic. Under the command of Adrien de Gerlache de Gomery it was the first expedition of a purely scientific nature and it provided a wealth of information along with the first pictures ever taken on the ice. Though the explorers did not reach the Pole they were the first to overwinter in the Antarctic.

The first English translation of Lecointe’s 1904 book of the Belgica Expedition.
330pp, hardback. Jacketed. 90 photographs and illustrations, five separate maps, 20pp brochure, five postcards of the expedition.

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Thomas Orde Lees was the only member who maintained a personal daily diary of the voyage, from Day 1 to the day the rescued men left South America for England more than two years later. Lees was often a `man alone' on the ship but was always capable of appreciating and describing in touching and sensitive language a beautiful polar dawn or nature at its most inspiring.

Margaret Scott, in her capacity as manuscript librarian at the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand, has said the diary `has a rare dramatic quality and an eye and ear for the unusual and interesting. Perhaps because it is also ingenuous and different from the official accounts it has its own intrinsic value’.

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